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Professor in Urology Department, YMCH, YU

I am currenty working as a Professor in the department Of Genitourinary Surgery & Renal Transplant &robotic surgery ,Yenepoya Medical College, Deralakatte, Mangalore, Karnataka, India From May-2009. I am a M.Ch. P.G. guide since 2014 and also Ph.D. guide since 2013.

I was awarded the "Best Doctor Award" from Indian Medical Educational Trust in 2006. I am also the Founder Chairman of "Prostate Care Foundation", Mangalore.


  • MBBS WITH Internship - 1995 June - Calicut Medical College, Calicut University, Kerala, India
  • MS General Surgery - 2000 November - Trivandrum Medical College, Kerala University, Kerala, India
  • MRCS PAPER 1 & PAPER 2 Completed
  • DIP.NB GENERAL SURGERY - 2001 June, Madras Medical College, Tamilnadu, India.
  • DIP.NB UROLOGY - 2007 May, Calicut Medical College, Calicut University, Kerala, India
  • Clinical Fellowship In Endourology - (Scholarship from European Board Of Urology, Coburg Germany Under Prof, Walter Stromhaier) 2009 Feb
  • Fellowship in Robotic Surgery, World Laparoscopic Hospital, July 2015
  • Da vinci robotic training from Seol, south korea 2016


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  • Yenepoya University Seed Grand funded project: Urinary stones in Dakshina kannada and north Kerala: An analysis of risk factors, metabolic evaluation and prevention
  • Animal Research: Renal response to graded warm ischemia: (Waiting for ethical committee approval) Dr.Mujeeburahiman, Dr.Shyamjith(Pharmacology), Dr. Shanthala (Pathology), Mr. Vipin C (J.R.F), Dr. Avinash Rai(M.Ch P G)
  • Detection of urinary Biomarkers in Kidney diseases including Cancer; Acute kidney injury – detection of early biomarkers – (Dr Mujeebu Rahiman, Dr Keshava Prasad and group)
  • Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease- the sporadic cases cause is not known – genetic analysis (Dr Santhosh Pai, Dr. Mujeebu Rahiman, Dr Suparna Laha and group)
  • Proteomic analysis for different Kidney Stone diseases (Dr Mujeebu Rahiman, Manzoor Dr. Keshava Prasad, and group)
  • A study on the heterogeneity of hyaluronan oligomers towords receptor interaction; possible involvement in prostate tumor progression. Dr. Mujeeburahiman (Co. principal Investigator}, Principal investigator – Dr.Shrinivasa Prasad Kolapalli.
  • Indwelling J Ureteral Stents Associated Asymptomatic Bacteraemia Caused by Multidrug Resistant Strain of Kocuria (Muhammed A.P. Manzoor , K.S Shabeena , M Mujeeburahiman , Altaf Khan)